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Accident Info

Can I pick the shop where my car is repaired?

YES, ABSOLUTELY! The insurance company may suggest a shop, but the final choice is YOURS. Taking it to a licensed and qualified shop such as Canadian Collision is important. Keep in mind that it is not your insurance company that warranties the repair work on your vehicle but rather the auto body shop that does the work. All reputable shops will warranty the quality of their work.

Do the police need to be notified of my collision?

You should contact the police if anyone is injured or the vehicles are not drivable. If there are no injuries and the vehicles are drivable there is no need for the police to attend.

Do I need a damage sticker?

Current legislation in Alberta states that if you are involved in a motor vehicle collision and the damages exceed$1,000 to $2000 you must file a police report and obtain a damage sticker prior to having your vehicle repaired. If you are unsure if the damages to your vehicle are over $1,000 to $2000 , please contact a Canadian Collision representative to book your free estimate today.

Where can I obtain a damage sticker?

If the accident happened inside Calgary city limits, any police station can issue a damage sticker. If the accident happened outside Calgary city limits, you must obtain a damage sticker from the RCMP.

What is the difference between a claims appraiser and a claims adjuster?

A claims appraiser is the person who will assess the damage to your vehicle and prepare an estimate. A claims adjuster is the person who will handle all other aspects of your claim, such as confirming the loss details, speaking with other parties and insurance providers, and arranging rental vehicles.

How do I obtain a claim number?

Your insurance company will assign a claim number when you report your accident to them. Your claim number is all Canadian Collision needs to begin your repair process.

What is a deductible?

A deductible is the amount you have agreed to pay in the event of a loss. Your policy premium is calculated based on the amount of your deductible.

Why do I have to pay a deductible if the collision was not my fault?

The deductible applies to your claim, regardless of who is at fault for the collision. Where information on liability is clear, your insurance company may make the decision to waive your deductible. However, if the other party does not carry valid insurance, or there is a dispute in liability, your deductible may not be waived.

What if my insurance company does not approve all the repairs?

Canadian Collision can only do work the insurance has approved. If you do not agree with their estimate, it is important that you resolve this matter with them before repairs commence. Customers may pay for any additional work they wish to have done.

What delays can arise with the repairs of my vehicle?

Delays may be caused by backorder parts from the manufacturer or insurance approvals for the initial estimate or any hidden damages that are discovered in the course of the repair. Delays can also be caused by missing information from the customer such as missing police stickers on vehicles or difficulty in reaching the customer for additional approvals.

What form of payment does Canadian Collision accept?

Visa, MasterCard, Debit, Cash, Money Order, Certified Cheque